Stick dulcimer v2

The second version of the stick dulcimer, with sides of bent oak. The top is from standard plywood. The local diy store doesn’t have too much choice in instrument tops. 😉


Köhler’s Violin Repository of Dance Music

Thee Petrucci Music Library is one of the large collections of classical sheet music on the internet. With a bit of searching you can also find some nice folk collections. In Köhler’s Violin Repository of Dance Music you can find a few numbers of Köhler’s The Musical Treasury (1885). In total there’s hundreds of hornpipes, quadrilles, waltzes etcetera. Written for one or two violins, but of course also playable on other instruments.

Kryptos clue

Just had a look at the progress on the Kryptos cipher. The final 97 characters still haven’t been cracked. At the end of last year Jim Sanborn revealed that characters 64-69 decode to ‘BERLIN’. Since all of these characters are in the code, some kind  of permutation is still possible. A combination with substitution is of course also a possibility. Continue reading


A new game is Ordo, you have to reach the other side of the board while keeping your pieces connected. You can find the rules online. On the Ordo site you can also download your own board for printing.