The Euro Millionaire System problems

GraphThere’s only so many ads I can take before I get curious. After too many pop-ups about how to become rich I had a look at the Euro Millionaire System. I’m not brave (or stupid) enough to really give it a go, but the system itself is completely wrong. The ‘magic system’ contains a few mathematical tricks that help to convince you that you can’t go wrong, but actually don’t make sense. With the Euro Millionaire System you’re supposed to bet on binary options, using two simple strategies: one to choose which of the two options you have to bet on (up or down), the other to choose the amount of money you wager. I am not a stock expert, but let me try to explain how binary options work. The Euro Millionaire System video refers to Stockpair, a platform for binary options. The idea is that you guess whether for example the euro/dollar exchange rate goes up or down in the next 15 minutes. If you’re right you earn yourself some money, if not you loose. Not too different from playing roulette, except that one could argue that the exchange rate over a short period of time isn’t completely random. The payout however is much lower than in a casino.
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